Who We Are

Meet the guys who run the show here:

Christine Livingston

DSCN0845Bold. Artistic. Unorthodox.

Chief Co-Creator of Genius and Fabulosity, Christine works with smart people in search of game-changing results in their businesses and in their lives.

Not only has she years of in-house leadership and consulting experience under her belt; she has also spent equal time studying psychology in one way shape or form. All of which means that she straddles two very different worlds seamlessly and with great effect.

Steve Durbin

DSCN0849Passionate. Discerning. Perceptive

Chief Magician and Growth Enabler, Steve works mainly with serious mid-size businesses intent on taking things to the next level.

His record of success says it all. What propels him is an incredibly quick mind, along with a rare ability both to take an analytical view on things and to make deep emotional connections with people.