“The reasonable woman adapts herself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to herself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable woman.”

(Adapted from) George Bernard Shaw

We work only with a few smart people and their businesses every year to create unorthodox results.

These people are all powerful, quirky, determined, fun and committed in their own personal ways to making game-changing shift for themselves and for their organizations, large or small.

If we’re going to work with you, we’ll spend at least an hour and a half, often more, up front in deep conversation about what has brought you to us and what you’re trying to create.

We’ll want to understand what inspires you about that. What motivates you around it. We’ll also want to ask you about what will get in your way. Things that are obvious. And things that aren’t.

Change can talk easy, but do hard.

There’s no charge for that time. Often that’s all you ever need. But if we agree to work forward, we will create an offer especially for you.

Unlike most other coaches and consultants, I don’t sell services based on day rates or time. At the core of each offer is an invitation to co-create a relationship with you. One that asks you to go all-in. Because time and experience has taught us that that’s the way to enable the absolute best outcomes. And, if we’re going to commit our very best to you, which is the space where we most thrive, we want to know up front that you really are a Hell, Yeah.