How to Push Yourself Without Crashing


Hi, I’m Christine, and I’m a recovering overachiever.

As is my good friend Mandy Lehto.

A couple of weeks ago, Mandy invited me onto her fabulous Moxiecast, her feel-good show over on iTunes. Such an honor to be one of the people to whom she has spoken.

Anyway, in our conversation, we jammed on how it’s possible to achieve success in a self-caring way.

Listen to it here!

We talk about what prompted me even to try to achieve what at first felt like the holy grail of having a good business and a great life.

We talk about what self-care means. (No, it’s not sitting on the sofa and eating chocolate the whole time.)

Some of the key ways to enable it.

And how to notice when you’re getting off-track of yourself.

Hope you love listening as much as I loved chatting!