Conductor - Frederik Magle conducting, rehearsal 2It’s cool to be the leader.

And there are times too when you can nevertheless benefit from a trusted companion to help you hold and manage a team or group process.

The kind of situations in which we excel as facilitators are:

  • Where a business wants to grow; it’s individual leadership team members aren’t fully committed to an outcome or how to get there; and there are some conversations to be brokered to get people pointing in the same direction.
  • Where a team has been through the wars. Poor results, bad press, the loss – unexpected or otherwise – of key players have all contrived to knock the collective mojo and you want to get things back on track.
  • There’s an important conversation to be had – perhaps with key clients or other stake holders – and you want someone to “chair” things for you. To worry about the process and structure and order of things. Leaving you free to shine for your great content and thought-leadership.

This is not your traditional team-building stuff by any stretch of the imagination.

This is not hugging trees – cardboard or otherwise – or imagining that ra-ra exercises will magically enable music to play where there was discord.

No, as with all of our services, we work in a very bespoke way to enable your specific outcomes.

Your business driver is our focus. What we do within that is listen to understand the specific dynamics of your specific scenario and craft for you a proposal around how we can best enable the results your looking for.