There’s a ton of advice out there on how to make a success of your business. The temptation is to take it at face value, play safe, and follow the pack.

Which has its own kind of success.

But if you want to break through the noise and stand out from the pack, the first big challenge you face is to dare to believe that the answers aren’t to be found by reading the latest management book, doing the latest “can’t fail” program, or hiring a consultant that your colleagues will deem to be a safe bet.

Instead it’s to work with some folks who are going to enable you to see that you yourself already hold the answers to your deepest questions. And who’ll work with you to help you achieve the thinking climate within your organization that allows flow states to exist and off the wall creativity and innovation to turn up all by themselves.

And that’s what we excel at bringing to the party.

And, sure, we have years of business experience to share if pedigree is important to you. But our job is really to enable your own deep wisdom – the creativity and resourcefulness that already exists within you and your people – to play its own magical part in your business.


The kind of business challenges that might lead to us having a conversation are as follows:

  • You might have a idea for a brand new business but be unclear about how to get it off the ground, or
  • You want to take your business in a different direction but be unclear of how to manage the change, or
  • Your current business may not be achieving the kind of results of which you know it’s capable.

Whatever, we’ll work with you to help you get clear on the real problems, navigate your way through the uncertainty and create a bold way forward.

How it works

We work only with a few smart people and their businesses every year to create unorthodox results.

These people are all powerful, quirky, determined, fun and committed in their own personal ways to making game-changing shift for themselves. And their business ambitions reflect that.

If we’re going to work with you, we’ll spend at least an hour and a half, often more, up front in deep conversation about what has brought you to us and what you’re trying to create in your business.

There’s no charge for that time. Often that’s all you’ll ever need. But if we agree to work forward, we will create an offer especially for you.

Unlike most other consultants, we don’t sell time-based services. At the core of each offer is an invitation to co-create a relationship with you. One that asks you to go all-in. Because time and experience has taught us that that’s the way to enable the absolute best outcomes. And, if we’re going to commit our very best to you, which is the space where we most thrive, we want to know up front that you really are a Hell, Yeah.


We do not have any kind of off the shelf program to offer you.

The way we see it, the program IS you and your business.

And, while we will at the outset agree with you the direction and essence of the work we’re about to embark on, what we’re really selling you is a discovery journey in which you are the driver, and one of us is strapped in alongside as your resourceful co-pilot, helping map for you at each step the territory we’re on, and lighting up for you the alternatives we have on twists and turns along the way.

It’s unorthodox, but it gets fabulous results. Because, by making you, and not some management guru bollocks, the center of our attention, we free you to be the most creative and effective you can be in the context of your business.

Meaning that, more and more, you begin to take off your own blinkers and come up with solutions that you could not have imagined when we first began talking.

All of our business comes by invitation and referral. If you’d like to be invited to have a conversation with one of us, please email me us on christine (at) livingstonconsulting (dot) co (dot) uk.