3c454ceada7b009254478545b1082744If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re already successful. And you’ve gained that success by working hard, figuring out the rules and excelling at making them work for you.

Through school, college, university and in your career till now, a large part of what has propelled you is that you’re so damn reasonable. You’re a good person. You fit in. You’re adaptable. You’ve learned to sometimes get swallow stuff you don’t like, in order to keep the peace and compromise. Which has won you lots of gold stars for being so “can do”.

But now something’s bothering you, and your polished repertoire of coping and winning strategies aren’t cutting it. You know there’s more that you can achieve. More than you can be. More that you can do. But the how is eluding you.


Whether you’re running your own business or are a key player in someone else’s, it’s likely that, were we to talk, you would bring at least one of the following things to our conversation:

  • You’ve been successful at getting your business to a certain point, but now it’s growing beyond a place that feels within your reach or skill set. You’re worried that the whole thing will fall on its face, and you with it, because sooner or later you’ll be found out as being the fraud you think you are.
  • You’re leading a team of people and you’re just not getting the results that you know you’re capable of. Maybe some of the dynamics or relationships are a bit off. Maybe the team is recovering from some past trauma that it seems hell-bent on hanging on to.
  • Your boss has offered you a bigger job, one with a whole different leadership challenge. Maybe it’s managing your own P&L for the first time. Maybe it has a big team. And you’re not clear where to start.
  • You’ve been put in a job that feels alien to you. Maybe it doesn’t play at all to your strengths. You think you should be able to crack it. You want to crack it. But you seem to be sinking more than floating right now.
  • Things have become more and more political for you. Maybe they always were political but you were able to keep your head down or were protected. And now you’re not.
  • You’ve lost your mojo. You’ve been used to being motivated and achieving well. Suddenly you’ve hit a wall. Perhaps you know the reason. Perhaps you don’t. But you want to enjoy work again. Maybe even change what you do.
  • You are setting up your own business. Maybe you have a clear vision of where you want to take things and maybe you don’t. But you’re keen to make a success of it and can’t quite figure out exactly what you should be doing in order to make sure cash flows and that you don’t have to go find another “day job”.

How it works

We work only with a few smart people and their businesses every year to create unorthodox results.

These people are all powerful, quirky, determined, fun and committed in their own personal ways to making game-changing shift for themselves.

If we’re going to work with you, we’ll spend at least an hour and a half, often more, up front in deep conversation about what has brought you to us and what you’re trying to create in your life and work.

There’s no charge for that time. Often that’s all someone ever needs. But if we agree to work forward, we will create an offer especially for you.

Unlike most other coaches, we don’t sell individual coaching time. At the core of each offer is an invitation to co-create a relationship with you. One that asks you to go all-in. Because time and experience has taught us that that’s the way to enable the absolute best outcomes. And, if we’re going to commit all our very best to you, which is the space where we most thrive, we want to know up front that you really are a Hell, Yeah.

Coaching relationships are contracted for a minimum of three months and are often for a year. Fees vary depending on what you’re trying to achieve and the level of commitment you want to make to achieving them.


We do not have any kind of off the shelf program to offer you.

The way we see it, the program IS you.

And, while we will at the outset agree with you the direction and essence of the work we’re about to embark on, what we’re really selling you is a discovery journey in which you are the driver, and one of us is strapped in alongside as your resourceful co-pilot, helping map for you at each step the territory we’re on, and lighting up for you the alternatives we have on twists and turns along the way.

It’s unorthodox, but it gets fabulous results. Because, by making you, and not some coaching toolkit, the center of our attention, we free you to be the most yourself that you have ever experienced.

Meaning that, more and more, you begin to take off your own blinkers and come up with ways to work and live that you could not have imagined when we first began talking.

If you’d like to have a conversation with us to explore any of this further, connect with us here and we’ll make it happen.